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All the below courses can be offered as an online e-learning training course or a blended learning training course.


  1. Advanced Monitoring & Evaluation Course

→Advanced Project Management Incl. MS Projects Course

→Advanced Report Writing Course

→Anger Management Course

→Assertiveness Course

→Assessor Training Course

→Best Practice in Quality Management Course

→Business Etiquette & Professional Conduct in the Workplace Course

→Call Centre & Customer Service Course

→Change Management Course

→Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills Course

→Conflict Management Course

→Corporate Governance Course

→Customer Service Excellence

→Data & Records Management Course

→Diversity Management Course

→Effective Business Writing Skills Course

→Effective Disciplinary Hearings Course

→Effective Disciplinary Hearings for Chairpersons Course

→Effective Disciplinary Hearings for Initiates Course

→Effective Disciplinary Hearings for Shop Stewards Course

→Effective Sales Course

→Emotional Intelligence & Personal Mastery Course

→Emotional Intelligence & Team Building Course

→Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Course

→Employment Equity Committee Training Course

→Facilitation Skills Course

→Finance For Non-Financial Managers Course

→Frontline Customer Service Course

→HIV/AIDS Awareness Course

→HIV/AIDS Peer Educator Course

→HIV/AIDS Workplace Management Course

→Human Resources Management and Labour Relations Course

→Implementing Internships, Learnerships and employee tax incentives Course

→Innovation & Creative Thinking

→Interpersonal Skills Course

→Labour Relations & Effective Discipline

→Life Skills Course

→Management & Leadership Development Course

→Managing Poor Performance and Medical Incapacity Course

→Meeting & Minute Management Course

→Mentoring and Coaching Course

→Moderator Training Course

→Monitoring and Evaluation Course

→Negotiation Skills Course

→Negotiation Skills for Wage Negotiators Course

→Office Management Course

→Online Training Courses

→Operations Management Course

→Performance Management Course

→Personal Assistant Course

→Personal Finance Course

→Personal Mastery

→Presentation and Communication Skills Course

→Problem Solving & Decision Making Course

→Project Management Course

→Public Finance Management Course

→Reception & Telephone Etiquette Course

→Recruitment & Selection Course

→Report Writing Course

→Research Methodology & Report Writing Course

→Risk Management Course

→Scientific Report Writing Course

→Sexual Harassment in the workplace course

→Skills Development & Training Management Course

→Skills Development Committee Training Course

→Stock Management Course

→Strategic Planning and Change Management

→Stress Management

→Supervisory Management Course

→Supply Chain Management Course

→Team Building Course

→Team Leader Course

→Technical Report Writing Course

→Telephone Etiquette Course

→Time Management Course

→Women in Management Course